Dict. Introduction. (2)

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All this fascinates, excites and brings me pleasure and joy as I learn and try to decipher  each letter, each symbol, each ideogram, each idiom, etc.,  endeavoring to understand what lies and hides  behind all that. Thus, I get immediately, i.e. at the first contact, what I seek in my study of a language. I do not need to wait for months, years or for ever (who knows?) to benefit from my study and learning.
       Although, as I mentioned, I had to reduce the time devoted to my personal interest in languages, a few years ago  I felt an urgent need to resume my studies  more intensively. They promised to be more interesting, hence more beneficial, and for professional reasons, in addition to personal reasons.
 Being exposed constantly  to students from different languages, cultures and backgrounds, and urged on by the difficulties they encounter in learning a language different from their own, I resolved to do  my best to help such students by understanding and anticipating their problems, hence finding solutions to them, in the best way  possible.
       I think that, as a teacher, if I wish to be more effective to my students, it is imperative that I understand them. Naturally, in order to understand them, I must know them first. In order to know them, I must know their languages and backgrounds. I mean I must have some idea about and be familiar with their languages, at least some of them. I do not mean that each time I have, for example, ten students of different cultures in my class, I have to try to learn all their languages. One cannot learn as many languages as one wishes and master them all, while being a teacher at the same time.     
       I now devote a large amount of my leisure time to studying a number of the great world languages of different families,  covering wide geographical areas, focusing on one single language, for some time, so as to have a general idea about the language, as regards  the script system, grammar, structure, etc., as mentioned in §2. In fact, I find dealing with different languages as fascinating and interesting as dealing with different people who speak those languages, since those languages are but their invention and creation.
       Thus, in addition to textbooks, cassettes, dictionaries, card indexes in different languages,  already accumulated, I keep on acquiring more and more material on languages.




traffic analysis